Arnold Classic Weekend Pics…

I’ll get re-capping the weekend when I get some sleep and can think straight:

Sunday 3/6/11 feeling good considering… I got hammered the night before, Luce was nasty as always and Juice was still drinking at the Expo.  He has a Beer behind my back haha.

Me & Nasty at Brothers in Columbus:

Tommy Jeffers, Myself, and part of Team Scivation:

Myself & Justin Vitrano at the Muscleology Booth:

Oh Hai Jamie Eason… Yeah I couldn’t help but have a stupid look on my face being close to her:

Pondering what I should have asked Arnold:

Hammered at Dhir’s Arnold after party… yeah I take shitty photos when wasted:

I plan on recapping the weekend later, possibly tomorrow but i’m pretty tired & have a head fog from all the chaos and lack of sleep.

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