Arnold Classic Weekend Pics…

I’ll get re-capping the weekend when I get some sleep and can think straight:

Sunday 3/6/11 feeling good considering… I got hammered the night before, Luce was nasty as always and Juice was still drinking at the Expo.  He has a Beer behind my back haha.

Me & Nasty at Brothers in Columbus:

Tommy Jeffers, Myself, and part of Team Scivation:

Myself & Justin Vitrano at the Muscleology Booth:

Profile of an Ass Kicker: Jack Burton

Name: Jack Burton
Movie: Big Trouble In Little China
Age: Timeless
Haulin Ass with Pork Chop Express
Just wants his Truck back
Wants To Bang: Gracie Law
Equipment: Boot Knife + Tec 9 Machine Gun
No. 1 Attribute: Reflexes

Jack Burton Facts:

Richards impersonates Duan Ear

This is a video filmed by myself Jake Harder my junior year in college of Brian Richards doing an impression of Duan Ear… A 120lb Asian that used to get furious when drunk and demand respect for virtually no reason. Brian (filmed) was subjected to this first hand. One of Brians natural born talents is story telling. Just thought i’d share this with the world.


What will you be buying with your Tax Refund???

Me?  6lbs of Self Defense

I can’t wait to rip some shit apart in my back yard with this bad boy…  Can you really put a price on good dependable steel & self defense?  I say no!  Aside from paying off bills this is the first order of business for me upon getting my return.  I own no guns and won’t have to with this two handed Son of a Bitch hanging over my bed…

Random intoxicated thoughts from this weekend 2/4/11

These are always fun… I was intoxicated this weekend and tend to observe and have interesting random thoughts during nights out. This is a chronicle of friday 2/4/11:

I went and saw a band called “1988” in Strongsville Ohio (Shown above).  This band featured a shirtless guitarist & bassist, played lots of Motley Crue, and generally rocked out pretty hardcore (Dio covers included). Best part was the crowd they brought in however…