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Author Topic: MMO for sandbox fans
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Post MMO for sandbox fans
on: Wed October 10, 2012, 5:31 pm

I don't know about you guys, but I spent up countless hours of fun with friends building cities and vender macros and all that fun sandbox type stuff in SWG back in the day.

There is a new mmo on the horizon that looks pretty promising.

Action gameplay wise looks a bit dated...but the stuff you can do sandbox wise looks amazing. Here are a couple of highlights that caught my interest.

Unique three faction PvP system where the third faction allows characters to create their own independent Rogue Nation

Missions can have branching outcomes based on a player’s actions

No Levels
Skills based gameplay which features 75 unique skills, and 14 tiers within each skill line.

Advanced Crafting systems which allows players to create thousands of variations of items through a total of 23 different trade skills.

Two distinct modes of combat: Action Mode and RPG Mode. RPG Mode works like traditional RPG combat. Action Mode allows players to control the game in ways similar to a First Person Shooter. You can toggle between these modes at any time.

Several twists to make combat more interesting including Momentum, Limb Targeting, Species Mastery, Energy Shields, Cover, and Postures..

There will be Player vs. Player combat. We plan to initially support two rulesets, and will consider additional rulesets (such as a PvE server) if enough demand for them exists.

The base ruleset will feature a partially protected PvP method. You will not be attackable by anyone within your starting faction. You start as Inactive Military, which means that you can not attack or be attacked by opposing faction members in protected areas owned by your parent nation. This makes up the area near the starting cities and provides content that you can use as a safe haven for skilling up. In the middle of the two nations is a more remote area, where player created cities will be formed and which is unprotected. When in these areas you can be attacked by rival nation members. You can switch to Active Military on these servers to allow you to attack members of opposing nations in the protected areas, but only if they are also Active Military. There is no item looting from other players on these servers. PvP is for fun and to raise your military rank.

The hardcore ruleset forces all players to be Active Military from the beginning. This means that they have no safe havens. Friendly guards will still aid them though. Item looting will be enabled in some form on these servers, as well.

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Post Re: MMO for sandbox fans
on: Wed December 6, 2017, 1:23 am

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