Richards impersonates Duan Ear

This is a video filmed by myself Jake Harder my junior year in college of Brian Richards doing an impression of Duan Ear… A 120lb Asian that used to get furious when drunk and demand respect for virtually no reason. Brian (filmed) was subjected to this first hand. One of Brians natural born talents is story telling. Just thought i’d share this with the world.


And for a little background on the situation this kid we dubbed “FUBU” was from Columbus Ohio and thought he was “Gangsta” because all he wore was FUBU clothing with 3 different watches so he knew what time it was in different time zones…. reality: He was a fucking moron wanna be moma’s boy. So we ripped on him a lot. He was terrible though and worked in an Arcade prior and often bragged about his DDR skills.  And FUBU was also known as “White Rain” his rapper persona.  Yep…

Also referenced is “Harmon” he was Richards roommate his freshman year. This fuckin kid measured up at about 5’6 110lbs soak and wet and stated he could kick anyone’s ass on campus as he was a Black Belt in Karate (I know right? The Dane Cook of Kung Fu). Anyway the kids Broad who weighed 300lbs could have kicked his ass, so what happened was a bit funnier in this case.

Brian will probably want it removed, however I’ll try to keep it up. He’s hilarious.

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