Arnold Classic Weekend Pics…

I’ll get re-capping the weekend when I get some sleep and can think straight:

Sunday 3/6/11 feeling good considering… I got hammered the night before, Luce was nasty as always and Juice was still drinking at the Expo.  He has a Beer behind my back haha.

Me & Nasty at Brothers in Columbus:

Tommy Jeffers, Myself, and part of Team Scivation:

Myself & Justin Vitrano at the Muscleology Booth:

Duke Nukem – Return of The King Trailer

Get Some:

The inner nerd inside of me is pretty fucking excited for this finally coming out.  Good to see the game still has you paying for hooch.  With Randy Pitchford at the helm (Pitchford got his start in the industry working on Duke games) I’m pretty confident the games going to fucking rock.